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Weekly Review – 26/11


I’ve been getting a bit confused recently as to how to properly date these weekly review articles. They cover the last week, normally from Saturday to Monday, although I think I’ve included too many days recently. So going forward, the date in the title will be a Sunday and I’ll go from Sunday to Sunday. The article will still be published on a Monday. Oh and if you’re still patiently waiting to watch my YouTube channel, it’s coming don’t worry. I’ve just been ordering more goodies to turn my camera into a film-making machine. Once the final item is received, it won’t be too long. I’ve already set a goal of 100 subscribers before the end of the year but I think that’s a bit ambitious.

Greek Doughnuts

We started this week with the best weather yet. Not surprising as summer begun on 1st December. The temperatures were in the region of 37 degrees with pure blue sky. We decided that the best way to welcome the sun was to sit in a suntrap and devour Greek doughnuts. Not just any Greek doughnuts though, these came with the most perfect toppings you could imagine. I’d heard of Lukumades long before we’d arrived in Australia and was on the list of things to do for quite a while. We just never found the time. They were meant to be at the Greek Street Food Festival the other week but someone else took their place. We made a special trip out past Flagstaff Gardens especially. I ordered the Twix Fix whilst Emma went for the Oreo Balls. Here’s the description:Twix Fix – melted milk chocolate, crushed Twix, drizzled salted caramel sauce and vanilla bean gelato Oreo Balls – melted white chocolate, crushed Oreos and cookies and cream gelato. Sounds like heaven right! For $10 each, you got those toppings with ten Greek doughnuts. Like normal doughnuts but little fluffy balls instead.


Maximilian The Mazda

I’ve been dreaming of owning a van and living the ‘van life’ for quite some time now. I love how simple life can be when all you have to do is road trip and explore. The idea of waking up with a different view every morning makes me very happy.We had been searching for the perfect van since we arrived and we finally sorted what looks to be a reliable and comfortable van. We are now the proud parents of Maximilian, a 2002 Mazda E2000. We picked the van up on Wednesday and drove about an hour through suburban Melbourne which was, let’s just say, an experience in itself! Somehow we managed to get to our storage facility safely!We bought it off a couple from Germany who were the first ‘backpackers’ to own it and have just completed the lap of Australia. They were very similar to us in both age and personality so we felt quite comfortable. There’s always a risk when buying such an old van and we will probably break down at some point given our road trip will be at least 30,000km but that’s got to be part of the fun!I’ll share more pictures soon and perhaps I’ll do a separate post with more information.

The Rest of the Week

We hadn’t planned too much extra for the week as Emma started a job on Thursday. It’s not long until we leave Melbourne now but every little helps towards our petrol fund! Donations are welcome 😉There was a huge 10/10 storm predicted for the weekend too which luckily missed the majority of central Melbourne. We returned to the aquarium for a quick look round on Saturday and, on Sunday, we both had an urge to find a typically British pub lunch. After checking out Melbourne’s Christmas decorations, we found the Charles Dickens Tavern and felt very much at home eating gammon and roast beef. It was also great to catch up with Alex (hi) on his birthday! I don’t think he expected a video call at 12:05am on Sunday morning!!

Thanks for reading this weekly review as always. I’ll be posting my favourite fourteen photos on Wednesday and, if you missed it, I wrote a post about visiting Melbourne on a budget which you can check out here.

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