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Barnard Castle

A Day Out In Barnard Castle, County Durham

Barnard Castle is a beautiful market town in County Durham in the North East of England; just a forty minute drive from the city of Durham. I’ve wanted to visit for a number of years now but for some reason it just never transpired. My intrigue for the town grew with every drive through on the way to the A66 and on to other areas of the country. However, Barnard Castle shot to fame (and I was going to try so hard not to mention this) during the Covid-19 pandemic as THE place Dominic Cummings drove to specifically to check his eyesight…

With the relaxing of lockdown rules, I was finally able to have my family visit for the first time in 18 months and we spent a lovely Sunday exploring Barnard Castle. Now I’m sure that you will have heard of this town in County Durham but what you might not know is that it is absolutely amazing. As I’m trying to show with my ‘It’s Not Grim Up North’ series, Barnard Castle could easily hold its own if it was in a different area of the United Kingdom. Barnard Castle is definitely a place that’s worth a weekend visit; full of pubs, antique shops and a ruined castle overlooking the River Tees.