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The Monochrome Cities: London

The Monochrome Cities returns with a birthday trip to London all captured in glorious black and white.

It’s fair to say that this year hasn’t been full of travel adventures rather adventures of a completely different kind. With my wife and I becoming new parents in February, we’ve been focusing on our baby daughter rather than exploring new places. As time went on, we’ve managed to get away on a few trips here and there with my favourite being a first return to London in six (!) years for my birthday.

A two night stay in London was the perfect test for us as new parents to see whether we could manage our usual type of city break with a little one in tow. Needless to say, Evelyn has fitted seamlessly into our lives and was absolutely no trouble at all; whilst she might not remember this trip we’ve created memories that I’ll cherish forever.

In terms of photography, I obviously had my camera(s) with me and loved being able to capture London in my own unique style. I knew beforehand that I wanted to shoot everything in black and white using my Acros Punch recipe so that I could add to my Monochrome Cities collection. I have the RAW files too don’t worry as I do like having the option of colour photos too.

I’ve been dying to share this post as I honestly think the series as a whole works really, really well. As I’ve said before, using one Fujifilm JPEG recipe allows for a consistent look and I absolutely love the way I’ve been able to capture London. All of the photos below were shot over about two and a half days but I hopefully will be adding to this soon when I get chance to head back down south.

I’ve done enough talking now, so let’s check out London in all it’s monochrome glory. This is the Monochrome Cities London edition.

I’d love to know what you think so please feel free to comment below!

6 thoughts on “The Monochrome Cities: London”

  1. Nice style to shoot such a colorful city in BW.
    It is always a balance between family images (in color) and personal pictures (in BW).
    Unfortunately the Fujifilm JPEG setting (and personal naming) is not stored in the JPEGs.

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