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The Best Places to Drink in Newtown, Sydney

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll know that I love a good pub and a few beers.  I recently spent some time in my favourite of Sydney’s suburbs, Newtown, and wanted to shed some light on where you should visit.  If you haven’t heard of Newtown then you definitely need to visit as soon as possible.  It’s not quite Fitzroy in Melbourne but it comes close!  Whether your up for an all-day boozy session or a chilled date night, there’s something for everyone and anyone. Whilst I’ve no doubt that over time there will be newer and possibly better drinking establishments but these are my thoughts on the best places to drink in Newtown, Sydney.

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The Bank Hotel

The Bank is probably Newtown’s most famous drinking and eating establishment.  The food is fantastic but you’ve come here for the drinks.  The first bar you’ll walk into has all the beer, spirits and wine that you could want.  Heading out the back there’s another bar, Uncle Hops, for those that love craft beer before it opens up into a huge beer garden.  This is the beer garden you’ve been looking for and definitely one of the best places to drink in Newtown altogether.


Young Henrys

This is quite possibly my favourite place for a drink in Australia so far.  I’m a sucker for a drink in a brewery and Young Henrys is everything I ever ask for.  You’ll have see Young Henry’s brews all over Newtown (I’ve even found it in Byron Bay) but nothing comes close to sipping a pint of ‘Newtowner’ in this ultra cool environment. Young Henrys will require you to walk through the backstreets and into what appears to be a standard looking warehouse.  Once you’re inside you’ll be taken back by the huge letters spelling out beer and edgy artwork hanging all over the walls.  If you like the artwork, you can always buy it there and then.

Once you’ve chosen your poison, grab a seat at the long communal tables and relax all afternoon long.  If you can’t choose, try a tasting paddle where you get about five different drinks including cider. I’m afraid I didn’t take any photos with my camera here so you’ll have to trust me; it’s a great place.


Courthouse Hotel

According to Time Out, the Courty has one of the best beer gardens in the whole of Sydney.  I haven’t been everywhere in Sydney but that’s a big claim.  As you walk into the pub, you’ll certainly think you’re in the wrong place.  This is a proper Australian pub but, once you’re outside, you’ll be surrounded by fairy lights and greenery.  We went in the daytime so didn’t get the full effect but I really enjoyed this place.  Sydney is such a big built up city so it’s nice to find a relatively calm place to have a drink.


Webster’s Bar

On the corner opposite the Bank, sits the three floors of Webster’s Bar.  If you like whisky head to the first floor otherwise climb the stairs all the way to the rooftop bar.  The perfect place for sunset drinks.


Newtown Hotel

Last but certainly not least, is the Newtown Hotel.  Australia is full of verandas overhanging the streets but often they aren’t used to their full potential.  This is where the Newtown Hotel comes in.  The balcony is the perfect place to watch the world go by and you’ll love the upstairs interior.  One room has been designed as though you are in a vintage caravan!


Still Thirsty?

Look no further than Newtown’s leafy neighbour, Erskineville.  I’d recommend the Erko (great smokehouse too), the Rose of Australia (try the Carlton tank beer) and, for all things drag, the Imperial.

Hopefully this article will inspire you to check this area out next time you visit Sydney and, maybe, you’ll agree with me that these are certainly the best places to drink in Newtown. 


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