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The Best Photos of Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World

If I was to rank my favourite parks at Walt Disney World in Florida, Animal Kingdom would definitely make it on to the podium.  Now let’s be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of Disney but there’s no way I could pass on a family holiday to Florida last year.  Out of all of the Disney parks, Animal Kingdom is, in my opinion, one of the best for photo opportunities.  The morning light is beautifully filtered through all of the trees and you’ve got the huge Tree of Life at the centre of the park along with Pandora, the World of Avatar, and the snow-capped peak of Everest.  There is plenty all across the park to capture and these are my best photos of Animal Kingdom for you to enjoy.

In addition to above, there are plenty of hidden Mickeys to find as well as the classic Disney photo walls.  On top of that, there’s a safari where you’re driven round on a truck with lots of free-roaming animals.  My photos from this part weren’t great as it was getting very dark thanks to a storm closing in.

I’m not going to list all of the best photo spots in Animal Kingdom here but this post is more of an inspiration as to what you can expect.  These are my best photos of Animal Kingdom which hopefully you will enjoy just as much as me. When you’re making your way around the park, make sure you keep your camera out and snap away when you see something cool! Which, by the way, is everything!

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3 thoughts on “The Best Photos of Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World”

  1. I enjoyed looking at this post so much. You captured such wonderful photos of Animal Kingdom that it took me back to my visit in 2014/2015. I went over the Christmas holidays in the new year. It’s just gorgeous there. Animal kingdom is one of my favourite parks besides Magic Kingdom, of course. The photos you got of the Tree of Life are just stunning. That’s probably my favourite part of animal kingdom. Is there Tree of Life.

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