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Melbourne’s Top Three Burger Joints


It seems everywhere you look these days, there are burger restaurants left, right and centre. To me though, that isn’t a bad thing. After all, burgers are my favourite food (closely followed by pizza). If I’m going out for a meal, I’ll most likely be ordering a burger so you can only imagine how hard I tried to sample as many as possible in Melbourne.For my fellow burger lovers, thanks to my very professional research, I wanted to put together a list of Melbourne’s top three burger joints. It was a tough call and you might not agree with me but I’m confident you won’t be left disappointed no matter what you order. Even if you’re not planning on heading to Melbourne, after reading this you’ll be gunning for your favourite burger.

3. Royal Stacks

I had to pick one to come last in my little list so naturally you may stay away from Royal Stacks. However, this is the only one I’ve been back to more than once and offers incredible burgers with a fast food vibe. Ranging from a Single Stack up to the Bae of Fire, there’s a paper wrapped burger here for everyone. My pick will always be The King which kickstarted my obsession with mac-n-cheese croquettes.There’s some good sides too including potato gems and onion rings which can be lathered in gooey American cheese. If you’re still hungry, you can’t look past the Concrete Mixer with frozen custard (freshly churned on site every day) and your choice of mix (think Oreos, Snickers and Tim Tams). Salted caramel and Oreos never tasted so good.

Check out Royal Stacks here.

2. Third Wave Café

Once you arrive in Port Melbourne, you’ll feel as though your on holiday even if you aren’t. Third Wave Café’s diners spill out onto the streets giving this place a real European vibe. The food here is all about smoked meats and burgers so big you need four people just to finish them.It’s worth going here for the monthly specials as the chefs here really push the boundaries. When I visited the special was a burger named ‘The Mac-bomb on Steroids.’ I’ve never had anything like this before. The ingredients alone require bullet points just to appreciate it:

  • 1 huge brioche bun

  • 250g beef patty wrapped in bacon and stuffed with smoked mac-n-cheese

  • 12 hour smoked and de-boned beef rib

  • A bacon cup inserted into the brioche bun filled with liquid cheese and chips

If you’re into American food like me, you’ll appreciate just how good this sounds. Well it tastes even better!

Check Third Wave Café’s social media for their monthly specials and head on down.

1. Easey’s

Sitting at the top of my list is Easey’s in Collingwood. The burgers are just as incredible as the other burger joints on this list, and just as customisable, but here you’ve got the added benefit of eating in an abandoned train on top of a four-storey building. Get here for sunset and try to bag the table in the front of the carriage. This section juts out over the rooftop and has uninterrupted views of Melbourne’s fantastic skyline. Easey’s serve up all of your favourite burgers wrapped in paper but be sure to add the mac-n-cheese croquette and some jalapenos.

For more information on location and menus, check out Easey’s here.

There you have it. My choice of Melbourne’s top three burger joints which hopefully will have you checking them out as soon as you can.  If you have a favourite burger joint that should have made the list or just want to talk burgers, comment below!

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