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The Best Photos of Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Out of all the parks at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom is of course the most iconic of them all.  This is the classic Disney park, the beating heart of Walt Disney Word.  This park has absolutely everything for those fanatics, the photographers and even those that don’t do Disney.  From the must-do boat journey to the front entrance to walking up Main Street to the famous Cinderella Castle, there are photo opportunities everywhere.  As with my previous posts featuring Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, these are my best photos of Magic Kingdom.

For those interested in the gear behind the shots, check out what’s in my camera bag here.  I tried to shoot as much as possible with my new (at the time) Fujifilm 35mm f/2.  A focal length I used to love but one that I hadn’t used for a few years, it took a while to get used to.  Whereas with my favoured 23mm, I can visualise the photograph before I’ve ever lifted the camera to my eye.  I also used my other new lens, the Fujifilm 16mm f/1.4 which rises straight to my top two favourite lenses! It’s insane.

If you’re also wanting to know about those lovely Fujifilm colours, these are all JPEGs shot using Classic Chrome.  You can find the settings here.

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  1. Hell yeah!I looove Disneyland. Is this the one in California?We went there and absolutely loved it! We also adore Disneyland Paris as I’ve been there close to 15 times and most of that was before our son was actually born.Ooops!p.s. You do rather have a huge number of adverts breaking up the page Jamie ….

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