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A Simple Nostalgic Negative Recipe for the Fujifilm X-T5

I’m back with a brand new Fujifilm JPEG recipe. This is something very simple but here’s a quick look at my first nostalgic negative recipe for the Fujifilm X-T5.

I’ve been using the Fujifilm X-T5 now for a few months so have been beginning to get to grips with what’s on offer. There are definitely some big differences that have taken a little longer to get used to than I thought and I’m still holding out before pulling together a full review.

I’ve been a JPEG shooter since 2018 and was very keen to test out two film simulations in particular; Classic Neg & Nostalgic Neg. Classic Neg has been around for a few years so I’m definitely late to the party but for Nostalgic Neg, this is very new. There are currently only three X Series cameras that have access to this film simulation and the X-T5 is one of them.

Briefly, Nostalgic Neg is inspired by the 1970’s and the ‘American New Colour’ look. I was expecting to be blown away by a proper vintage look straight out of camera but, much like Ritchie from FujixWeekly, I was a little disappointed at first. Despite that, I thought I’d dial in a few settings and test it out properly with a trip down to the Christmas Market in Lincoln.

I have to say now that this is a very simple recipe. It takes the base white balance shift of +1 Red that I’ve been using since 2018 and the only time I get a little adventurous is by using the Colour Chrome Effect set to weak. Over time, I do want to be a little braver with using more recipes that call for shifts in the white balance especially as that can now be saved right within your custom settings.

Anyway, I like this recipe. I like that there are subtle amber tones to the images which give a little nod to the vintage scenes that inspire this film simulation.


Film Simulation – Nostalgic Neg
Grain – Off
Colour Chrome Effect – Weak
Colour Chrome FX Blue – Off
White Balance – Auto +1 Red
Highlight – -0.5
Shadow – +2
Colour – +3
Sharpness – +2
Noise Reduction- -4
Clarity – Off
ISO – Auto, Minimum Shutter Speed 1/200, up to 12,800

I have a JPEG import preset setup in Lightroom which adds +10 Contrast, +15 Clarity, a small S-Curve and -5 Vignette. This is something I’ve used for years just to add something a little extra to my photos.

Have a look at the photos and let me know what you think of this simple Nostalgic Negative recipe! I’ve got a few different ideas for recipes moving forward but hopefully it won’t be too long before I share my full JPEG recipe setup for the Fujifilm X-T5.


7 thoughts on “A Simple Nostalgic Negative Recipe for the Fujifilm X-T5”

  1. I find the DR-setting ist missing in your recipe. What did you use for these photos?
    Btw, I noticed that DR-Auto does not work correctly with the X-T5, like described here: Have you noticed the same behavior? I find it very annoying for recipes that rely on DR-Auto, forcing you to pay attention to manually switch to DR200 (or set the ISO to 320 or higher).

  2. Thanks Jamie – nice recipe! I find that often less is more. I like the simple WB shift!
    Quick question… what was your DR set to in the photos? I didn’t see it in the recipe. Looks like 100 or 200 but wasn’t sure. Thanks!

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