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The Naturalmat Superb Mattress: Sustainable Luxury at Home

Let’s talk about the Naturalmat Superb Mattress; the choice of hotels across the world and the best way to bring that luxurious travel feeling to your home.

You may be wondering why on earth I, as a travel blogger, am posting about a mattress. It would be a fair question to ask as I certainly am not the person you would come to for home décor tips or even lifestyle posts. Anyway, today is the day that you are introduced to the Naturalmat Superb mattress; the mattress that brings sustainable luxury to your home.

By way of a reminder, I was first introduced to the Naturalmat brand after the most comfortable two nights ever at the Hoxton Hotel in Southwark, London. It seems apparent from reading a little more about Naturalmat that many customers discover their business this way. Hotels obviously need to make sleeping a memorable experience and those hotels that use Naturalmat mattresses do that with ease. If only we could stay in hotels forever…

A life on the road is no longer an option for me so travels are limited to short breaks away and, hopefully, a few bigger trips per year. Most nights are spent at home in the North-East of England and therefore it made me question whether you could bring that luxurious ‘hotel quality’ comfort to your everyday life.

Initially I thought I could crack that question quite easily with the always-advertised, always-‘award winning’ and always-on-offer Emma mattress. With a 200-night sleep trial, I thought you couldn’t go wrong. Well, spoiler alert, the mattress was awful. It was like sleeping on a slab of concrete and certainly not a mattress that would have you counting down the hours before you could go back to bed.

With little persuasion, a decision was made to go straight to the top and purchase the Naturalmat Superb mattress. There seemed little point in seeking out other mattresses when we already knew this was the one that would bring that luxury travel feeling home. When that same mattress is organic, natural and sustainable, well that just seals the deal.

The Naturalmat Superb Mattress

Welcome to Naturalmat

Naturalmat was born in 1999 with founders Mark Tremlett and Peter Tindall initially setting out to make a completely natural nursery mattress. Fast forward over 20 years and Naturalmat offer beds and mattresses for the entire family; all hand-made in their workshop in Devon using natural materials (think local organic wool & buttons carved from nuts). You won’t find plastics or chemicals in any of Naturalmat’s products and that is a truly beautiful thing. Planet Earth is grateful.

Naturalmat have had their eye on sustainability since day one and have recently, and very proudly, become the UK’s First B Corp Certified Bed & Mattress Company. Such certification guarantees that the business you’re dealing with are committed to ethical and sustainable practice; good for all people, communities and most importantly, the planet.

So, with all that said, how does that translate into a good night sleep? I think from the moment I ordered the Superb mattress, I was impressed. A six week wait is no issue when you know that your mattress is being hand-made to order and then, come delivery day, a local Devonshire delivery company deliver to the room of your choice (having driven up to the North-East of England through the night). It is very evident that those employed at Naturalmat love what they do and I’m pleased to say that the mattress was more than worth it; insanely comfortable each and every night. Naturalmat have a Mattress for Life Initiative too so when the mattress reaches the end of its 10 year lifespan you get three choices; Refurbish (taken back to Devon, worked on and it’ll be as good as new for less than the cost of a new mattress), Recycle (you can receive a credit for the value of the materials or receive a new product made from the materials such as a dog bed) or Donate.

For what it’s worth, all of the above does not come cheap – we paid £1,746 for the Superb mattress (King size, medium). That was with a 10% discount too after signing up to the mailing list. Possibly the most indulgent purchase we’ve made but it’s one that I will never regret. So if you ever ask how I sleep at night, the answer is – exceptionally well thank you!


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