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Vanlife in Australia: A Journal

Back in 2018 I was living full-time in a tiny Mazda E2000 travelling Australia with my now wife Emma.  Back in 2018 I was living the dream.  For those even beginning to contemplate vanlife in Australia, let me tell you this now, it was the best time of my life.  Yes there are difficulties associated with vanlife in Australia but honestly they will never outweigh the freedom with which you can explore this country.

Our trip ended with a classic breakdown in the outback followed by hitchhiking, a flight to Perth and a long journey back home to the UK via South East Asia (Bali, Singapore and Thailand).  However, before we got there, we drove from Melbourne to Sydney, through inland New South Wales, before the journey north along the East Coast of Australia.  After reaching Cape Tribulation, good old Max took us into the Outback down to Uluru before reaching the end of his life somewhere around Renner Springs in the Northern Territory.  The plan had been to travel the entire lap of Australia but unfortunately that dream is yet unfulfilled. Maybe one day we’ll return to complete our vanlife in Australia journey – probably with at least one child in tow!

If you’re a newcomer to this blog or want a little more background to life behind the wheel, I’ve put all the links to every post covering our 15,000km journey from December 2017 to June 2018 below.  For a taste of what to expect, here’s a map of most of our adventure:

Melbourne to Sydney.

Vanlife Week 1.


Vanlife Week 3.

Vanlife Week 4.

Four Weeks in a Campervan.

Inland New South Wales.

Lawyer to Fruit Picker.

Lap of Australia Begins.

Lap of Australia Week 1.

Lap of Australia Week 2.

Lap of Australia Week 3.

Lap of Australia Week 4.

Lap of Australia Week 5.

Lap of Australia Week 6.

Lap of Australia Week 7.

Lap of Australia Week 8.

Lap of Australia Week 9.

Lap of Australia Week 10.

Lap of Australia Week 11.

Lap of Australia Week 12.

The End of the Road.

Vanlife in Australia The Statistics

The Statistics.

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