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The Fujifilm Forest Film Simulation

Ever since switching to shooting Fujifilm JPEGs, I’ve been experimenting with different film simulations.  I’ve been trying to fill those six custom settings with a wide range of simulations that cover almost all situations.  In the almost never ending quest for perfection, I’ve moved on a little since my first post of my Fujifilm JPEG settings but I’ve always been searching for a simulation that is equal parts mood and earthy tones.  The sort of tones that would be perfect for misty mornings in the Black Spur (Australians – that ones for you), wet weather road trips in the UK and fresh forest walks.  Enter this Fujifilm Forest film simulation.

Unfortunately, I can’t for the life of me remember who posted this simulation so I’m sorry about that.  I randomly saw it when scrolling one of the many Fujifilm groups on Facebook, quickly dialled it in and forgot about it.  A few weeks later we headed to Hamsterley Forest not far from home for a Sunday walk and this was the film simulation that I chose.  Hence me now naming it simply Forest.

It’s got a Superia vibe so it might be that this is one of the great Fujixweekly’s recipes.  So if you know, let me know.

These are the settings I used which I then simply added a ‘Fade’ S Curve in Lightroom.  I have toyed with the idea of adding grain either in camera or in Lightroom.  I like the idea of Lightroom if I was going to add grain so it’s not permanent.  The photos on my Instagram are with +75 grain (probably a little too much) and going forward, if I did decide to add grain to photos, I’d stick with +30.  Below though, I’ve removed the grain entirely.  Of course, you should adjust the recipe to suit your personal needs if you want something a little different.  That’s all part of the fun.

  • Film Simulation – Pro Neg Hi

  • Dynamic Range 200

  • Grain Off

  • White Balance Auto -3 Red -6 Blue

  • Highlight -2

  • Shadow 0

  • Colour -4

  • Sharpness -2

  • Noise Reduction -4

Here are just a few photos so far from this new Fujifilm Forest film simulation I’m using at the moment.  I’ll add more soon hopefully.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “The Fujifilm Forest Film Simulation”

    1. Thank you mate! It’s a simulation that only really fits certain situations so I definitely won’t be using it round urban areas! Haha!This is what I love about the Fuji simulations, you can keep swapping them out until you find the perfect 7!


      Thanks! It’s not one I use regularly, I think there’s only very specific circumstances in which it could be useful!


    Very nice simulation! I like the looks of it. In case you’re interested in randomly generated film simulation recipes, checkout which does this for you with one mouse click. You can download the recipes in PDF format as well. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I like randomness so I’m in for surprises.

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