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Six Years of the Fujifilm X-T2

This post is dedicated to the last six years of using the Fujifilm X-T2 to document my life.

The time has finally come to retire the Fujifilm X-T2 as my main camera now that the younger, faster and cooler X-T5 has been delivered. It wouldn’t have been right for me to just move on immediately and start creating a whole new era of blog posts without at least acknowledging the last six years of the Fujifilm X-T2. That camera has seen a lot. It’s been by my side on an almost daily basis; from my first attempt at a 365 day challenge to travelling Australia and South East Asia, from shooting my first ten weddings to capturing the first nine months of my daughter’s life.

The honest truth though is a little bit kinder to the X-T2. I do actually have two copies and only one will be sold meaning that the original copy, brought brand new in 2016, will always be mine. It’s a bit battered and bruised, probably worn out (a lot like me), but I will always love that camera. The one I’m selling is a second copy I bought used off MPB so I haven’t really lost out with selling that back in as good a condition as it came in.

This post is therefore dedicated to the last six years and the photos that the camera has helped me capture. I’ll share a fair amount of photos below all of which I would say are some of my favourites ever taken.


Wow that feels good to share and hopefully you’ve enjoyed looking through as much as I’ve enjoyed pulling this together. Some aren’t technically the best nor have I wanted to share many more of my personal moments but this collection definitely makes me happy when looking at the last six years.

This therefore marks a new chapter in my photography journey with the Fujifilm X-T5 which is due to be delivered any day now (it may well actually be here by the time this post goes live). I cannot wait to see what I can create over the next six years or longer!


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