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Classic Cars X Classic Chrome

Before we dive straight into some photography, I’m hoping some of you will agree with me when I say I love cars but, at the same time, I really don’t love cars. Odd, I know. What I mean is, I absolutely love the look of cars, I love photographing cars but I definitely do not love them to such an extent that I understand the mechanics of it all (apologies to my father-in-law!) I appreciate a good car; I think that’s the take away from this.

I definitely appreciate pretty much all cars that could possibly be classed as ‘classic’. Armed with my trusty Fujifilm X-T2, I’ve taken many a photo over the years of pretty damn good looking classic cars so I think it’s time they’re shared with you. Most of these photos were either shot at the Saturday Classic Car Cruise in Old Town, Florida or the North East Classic Car Show at Hardwick Hall in England.

For the photographers on this post, my preferred lens for car photography is without doubt the Fujifilm 56mm f/1.2 which, after some back and forth, is definitely back in my ‘love forever and never sell’ category. Bar a few photos (16mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4 or X100F), they were all taken with that 56mm lens. Finally, there could only be one option in terms of film simulations for this series; Fujifilm’s classic chrome. These are all taken using my ‘Chrome Urban’ recipe (or a RAW version of it which I promise to share soon). Why RAW? I’ve been shooting recently solely in black and white so those RAWs are handy for when I want to convert an image to colour instead of using the JPEG.

Anyway, time to enjoy some photos of different cars from very similar angles…

Classic Cars in Classic Chrome

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6 thoughts on “Classic Cars X Classic Chrome”


    I’m assuming the RAW version of the Urban Chrome recipe would be in Lightroom? I use CaptureOne and really want the flexibility of RAW but want to get that custom simulation look. I can get close with the Base Characteristics profile, but it’s not the same as the custom recipe. Any tips for transferring the RAW recipe (when you post it) to CaptureOne?


      Hi Reagan,

      I’ve added the RAW information on the post about Classic Chrome itself but yes it’s from Lightroom – I’ve never used CaptureOne unfortunately so wouldn’t know where to start!


        Cool, I use Lightroom sometimes, so I might see what if I can replicate your Lightroom recipe in CaptureOne. On another note, do you use lens hoods all the time, or are there times you take them off?


        I took two copies of the same photo and put one into Lightroom and one into CaptureOne, I then took your adjustments from Lightroom and copied them over into CaptureOne manually until I got the photos to match up. I ended up using the Classic Chrome simulation in the CaptureOne Base Characteristics tab and was able to get it spot on. Your Lightroom settings helped to give me a rough starting point, so thanks!

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